Monday, December 27, 2010

Post Christmas

Two days after Christmas and I'm totally dreading de-holiday-tizing the house. I love putting decorations up; hate taking everything down. So much easier to unpack stuff than it is to pack it back up. Each of the girls have their own ornaments and I think this is the year they are old enough to box up their own ornaments off the tree.

We had a nice, relaxing, kind of quiet Christmas. Believe it or not we actually got some snow on Sunday. It snowed/sleeted a bit on Saturday and then snowed until 1 or 2 PM on Sunday. It was SO nice. Kind of felt like home there for a minute. KJ, of course, loved it. We all just kind of loafed around all weekend in our jammies and watched some movies and watched the snow. Cosmo woke up kind of early Sunday morning and ran out to get the essentials in case we were snowed in . . . bagels and peppermint ice cream. I really like a man who plans ahead.

The girls have had a good Christmas break so far. KJ spent the night w/ a friend last night and they went to the movies today. T met Cosmo for lunch and then worked at the lax store for a bit. She's out to dinner and a movie with friends tonight. KJ's enjoying the new phone she got for Christmas and T's wearing her new boots tonight. Both girls got lots of clothes and several gift cards. They LOVE gift cards.

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