Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I've managed to drop a couple of lbs since the beginning of the year and, more importantly, I've been able to consistently keep it off. I don't obsess about my weight and usually don't even get on the scale. I just go by how my clothes fit. At the beginning of the new year I decided I would weigh myself each morning and watch what I eat a little more closely. I lost those first couple of pounds pretty quickly and then the next couple of lbs. came off. I gained a couple lbs back but have since lost them again so I'm back where I was after that initial weight loss. Unfortunately, we eat out a lot because of our extremely busy schedules and I don't have the opportunity to exercise alot. However, I've added a lot of fruit and vegetables to my diet and limit my snacking. I noticed my skin was very, very dry this winter so I started to drink a lot of water during the day. I must be do something right . . . the other day at the lacrosse field two moms that I don't see very often told me I looked like I've lost some weight! Yay! That's always a good sign!

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