Monday, March 7, 2011

"Let the rain kiss you. Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops. Let the rain sing you a lullaby." ~ Langston Hughes

Love this quote about the rain! I know I'm in the minority but I find the rainy, gloomy weather so soothing to my soul. We are such an incredibly busy family. Inclement weather wrecks havoc with the fields, cancels sports and forces our family to take a little break and enjoy some down time. I love it.

So, because of the cruddy weather, I had a very, very nice weekend. Coach & KJ drove up to Greenville, SC w/ the boys lax team. She LOVES going on those trips with the team. She loves being the water girl, holding the clipboard for her dad and just spending time with him. Unfortunately, it was a bit of a wasted trip. They arrived in SC late Friday night and JV had a very early game Saturday AM (I think faceoff was at 8 AM which is really 7 AM Central time!). They were able to get in the Varsity game before the weather got really bad. One of the dads tweets game updates and does a great job so I was able to keep up with all the action from home. The dad is very sweet and did not tweet that my husband rec'd a technical foul the last minute of the game. The boys went on to win 13-12. Fortunately, Coach is able to laugh at himself and tweeted about final score and mentioned "the Hoover coach rec'd a technical the last minute of the game. What an Idiot! Wait! That's me!" I thought that was pretty funny! After the lax games, the whole team went to a local hockey game which KJ loved. It was Paws for Pucks charity night and there was a huge German Shepherd sitting next to her. She said she wished she had brought Trixie. On Sunday, Greenville rec'd the heavy rains we had Saturday so the fields were a mess and they ended up driving home a bit prematurely.

T worked all day Saturday and Sunday we had a nice breakfast out and did some shopping. She bought some new sandals for SB'11 and a pair of sneakers. She also picked up a pair of nude pumps that she's had her eye on. She was supposed to have her first game Sunday but it was rescheduled due to the poor field conditions. The field will really benefit from the kids being on spring break next week and will get some much need maintenance.

Friday was Buccanettes try-outs and T did make the squad for her senior year! Yay! So incredibly proud of her. Also very glad that all of the returning girls made the squad as well. I don't think the Orlando trip in April would be very fun if you knew you didn't make the squad for next year. Last year there were less girls trying out but it took longer to find out who made the squad. This year they did things a little differently and had the Band Director entering the girls scores as they auditioned. T walked in the door around 6:45 PM, we talked for a bit and the list was on the band website in less than a half an hour. The senior girls "kidnap" the underclassmen and take them back to the high school for a celebratory party. This year they tried to mix things up a bit and made the girls wear masks so they couldn't tell who was in the car with them until they got to the high school. Poor Alison ran up our driveway in the pouring rain so she could get a photo w/ T. There were two other girls in the car but they were all supposed to be quiet and not know who else was there. T said it was hysterical. They kept poking each other and when Alison got out of the car to kidnap Clare, T said the suspense was killing her so she ripped off her mask to find out who else was in the car. We already knew who was on the squad, T was just dying to know who was in car with her!

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