Wednesday, March 9, 2011

"Under this window in stormy weather I marry this man and woman together; Let none but Him who rules the thunder Put this man and woman asunder. " -- Jonathan Swift
Crazy, crazy weather we're having! Last night's storm was so nice. I was SO cozy this morning and did not want to get out of bed. We've lived here almost 12 years and this morning was the first time I had ever seen flooding on one of the local roads I travel on every day.
T is supposed to have her first game tonight. If this weather keeps up, all the fields will be under water and no one will get any games in. Champ has the turf field tonight so he might be able to move the girls game there. Last night we had our Bnettes member/parent meeting. Some new faces. Good news is our bill this year is a little less since she won't need a new orange sparkly or silver jacket or game day clothes (the decision is out on her boots . . . I think they're nasty and she needs a new pair; she thinks they're fine). Bad news is they've added a couple of items to the shopping list . . . a new game day shirt (they wear them to school w/ spandex dance pants), a new dance bag and the girls are also getting some type of jerseys. It also sounds like this year's band director is mixing things up a bit with the half-time show. It's all good!

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