Monday, August 15, 2011

Whoop! Whoop!!

First day of school and it sounds like everyone had a great day! KJ said she had no problems opening her locker, lunch was fine, PE was fine, it was all good. She said she knew alot of kids in all of her classes and met some new kids. I'm so glad!

The weather today was absolutely amazing! A little cooler this morning, no humidity and there was a nice breeze. Kind of felt like fall; a little football weather in the air today. Which segues nicely into my next topic: football!

Yesterday was Fan Day at the mall. The football players, the cheerleaders, the pep band and the bnettes were there to kick off the 2011 football season. It was very crowded which is a good thing! The players signed posters and I'm sure it was a little awkard for them being on display but the little kids really look up to them. I stood off to the side w/ KJ while she got some of the boys to sign her poster and they were all very gracious and humble and most of them said, "thank you for coming out today, Go Bucs!" A couple of the boys knew who she was and called her "Little Cos" which aggravates the crap out of her. I think it's cute.

T got another "official" letter in today's mail from a school in OH. The coach saw her play in FL and is interested in getting her up there for a visit. She sent T a very nice letter about how she didn't grow up in a lacrosse "hotbed" and she knows how difficult it is for kids from non-traditional areas to get noticed. We'll have to do a little investigating on this one, not sure if they have her major. But hey! It's all good! We so incredibly proud of her and so happy that she has several options for college. As my brother reminded me, she's the first one on both sides of the family that's ever been recruited for a sport and that's a pretty damn great accomplishment! Not too many kids can say that! I'm also proud that she's paving the way for the next generation. Maybe things will be a little easier for Alabama lacrosse girls (and boys) in a few years. She amazes me. She's our little engine that could. When that girl puts her mind to something, there is no stopping her. She is so focused and determined. I'm 40(something) years old and am no where near as focused as she is!

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