Saturday, August 11, 2012

Roughing it

I was doing really great until this morning.  I had a little meltdown and think it's going to be the first of many this week.  Heard that one of T's friends is having a rough time during Rush and that upset me.  A lot.  I got very, very emotional and started crying.  It's starting to hit me. 

Little by little the kids are heading off to college.  The Troy girls are waiting for their bids as I type.  Last week the Auburn girls moved in and they are all anxiously awaiting Bid Day (Sunday?  Monday?).  This week the Alabama girls moved in and are all anxiously awaiting Rush.  Now the guys are starting to move in.  Some of T's friends moved in earlier this week, some are moving this weekend.  One of Coach's boy's came by the other night to say good-bye.  Thursday night T had a BBQ for the friends that are still here and some of the Mississippi State boys are moving in this weekend.  T has just been a roller coaster of emotions the last couple of weeks and said it just sucks to constantly be telling friends good-bye.  This is why I don't ever say "good-bye."  I always say, "See you soon."

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