Tuesday, August 28, 2012

VBall has begun

Great time last night at KJ's first middle school volleyball game!  She scored the very first point of the game, served great and had a sweet spike.  They lost to Berry but played good considering it was their first game.  Definately still some work to do.  There was a nice crowd at the game and afterward we went out for Mexican to celebrate a friend's b-day and had a lot of laughs. 

Sunday was my sweet nephew's 9th b-day, yesterday was his first day of school and today was my neice's first day of kindergarten (AKA Witch-face).  I miss them both so much and love talking to them on the phone.  Mr. B is so mature and such a pleasure to chat with.  The sister is such a mess.  But so damn cute and that what makes it even funnier.  My bro's got his hands full with that one for sure. 

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