Monday, August 27, 2012

Still a Work in Progress

Tweaked my dining room table & foyer Football decor this afternoon.  I added an Ole Miss runner to my buffet and also some Pottery Barn vintage inspired glassware.  I probably should have ironed the fabric I used as a tablecloth but didn't think of it until afterward. 

I'm still not sure about the blue glass plate in between the Ole Miss dinner plate and the Pottery Barn football plate.  I think it adds color but hides the Ole Miss logo. 

Cosmo & I rec'd these blue wineglasses one year for Christmas before we were even married.  Must have been the Christmas we were engaged.  Anyway, my one sister-in-law told me they were tacky.  They are.  But boy, I get so much use out of them!  I use them for my 4th of July table, my beach table and now my Ole Miss table!  Hotty Toddy! 

Some Crimson Tide wine "The Dominator" a friend gave me after last year's Championship game. 

I also have a "Roll Tide" banner for my desk at work.  We have Football Friday tailgate parties at the office and we all wear school colors.  Don't know what I should wear this year?  Red?  Blue?  Houndstooth???

I can't find the Bear Bryant wooden sign I had last year and I also can't find my favorite pic of me & Cosmo from the Penn State game in T-Town. 

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Kate @ Daffodils said...

I am impressed with you division of schools. At least you have the red in common!

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