Thursday, August 2, 2012

It's OK !!!

It's OK . . .
...that my oldest daughter is leaving for her freshman year of college in 2 weeks.  That's 14 days.  (I keep telling myself it's OK) wish I had fresh sheets on my bed every day. 
...that my family had a GREAT time in Disney and brought me home a big bag of laundry.  (And yes, they did bring me home a present) really not care about Kristen Stewart cheating on Rob Pattison.  So over it already. have Olympic fever!!! not enjoy Ryan Seacrest on aforementioned Olympics. enjoy watching Ryan Lochte swim in aforementioned Olympics.  :-)

Its Ok Thursdays


Amanda Olvey said...

Totally agree about Seacrest...I don't really see why he is even a part of it. And do I really care about tweets per minute during Phelps' swim...yeah, no.

Cait said...

i could watch ryan swim all the time haha :) cute blog girl! cant wait to read more!

The Tablescaper said...

So funny!

- The Tablescaper

Julia P F said...

Am with ya on the Ryan situation. I found you on the Sunday blog hop

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