Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Everytime . . .

Everytime I come back from visiting T @ Oxford, I thank God she is exactly where she's supposed to be.  She is having an absolute blast, she loves her classes, loves her roommate and has made tons of new friends.  That's what college is all about.  This should be the best time of her life! 

She had such a wonderful, amazing Rush week and is so excited and proud to be a Baby Panda!  It was a crazy, crazy day!  Lots of hugs, lots of tears of joy,   T was very funny about the whole process.  A couple of friends had told her not to tell me too much because although she would have moved on during the week, mom's have a hard time when a sorority drops a girl for whatever reason.  So, after the last day of Philanthropy she casually mentioned which houses were here favorite so far, which she wasn't crazy about, which she was on the fence about.  I wrote them on a scrap little piece of paper to kind of keep track and I found that piece of paper when I got home from Oxford Sunday night after Bid Day.  She had Pref'd her top 2 houses and the third house was from totally out of left field.  Things just have a way of working out and she got her first choice!  All of the 5 Hoover girls did well and got bids from great houses!  And Nat is a Frat Rat so they're all happy.  They will all have an awesome year! 

AOPi !!!

"Running of the PNM's" (thank goodness she wore a bright colored shirt!  She was easy to spot!)

"Baby Panda"


Christine said...

That's so crazy your daughter got AOII. I'm an AOII alum!

Jess @ Blonde Meets World said...

Aww, congrats x1000 to her!!!
(And you're making me miss college! Haha)

Also, I'm not sure if it's just me, but when I comment I receive an e-mail telling me my e-mail was undeliverable because you're address doesn't exist?

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