Friday, September 14, 2012

Funny how things Change

I thought I was in for a bad week on Monday and Tuesday but then Wednesday and Thursday were nothing but good and today is Friday!  Whoop!  Whoop! 

A co-worker got a new little King James Cavalier puppy and brought him into work to show us.  What a super cute dog!  Of course we all "ooh-ed" and "aah-ed" over him.  What is it about puppies and babies that turns adults into mush and makes us all start talking baby talk???

Thursday we had an ice cream party at work.  I'm pretty plain vanilla when it comes to my ice cream.  Seriously.  Just vanilla ice cream (or mint chocolate chip if it's available).  I don't mix my flavors.  I could never have a bowl of strawberry, chocolate and vanilla or some other combination.  As far as toppings, it's some chocolate or rainbow sprinkles (my dad always called them "jimmies"), maybe a little caramel, that's about it.  I'm very weird about stuff like that.  Even if we go to one of those frozen yogurt places, my toppings are seperated into neat little piles and off to one side of the container.  NEVER mixed together.  When we lived in NY, Cosmo would specially order my ice cream cake from Dairy Queen days in advance so I could get a custom, vanilla only cake. 

Today is Football Friday in the office which is always fun!  We all wear our colors (MegSP has the most AWESOME houndstooth high heel shoes!) and we bring in a food dish to share.  Most of us are Alabama fans.  One of the girls I work with is originally from Louisanna but went to Ole Miss so she cheers for both.  One of the guys from Accounting is an Auburn fan and we give him crap each week.  It's all in good fun and he takes it like a man. 
Apparently Oxford, MS has gone into complete over-drive the last couple of days and everyone is anxiously awaiting the Texas game.  It's a pretty big deal!  Rumors are swirling that Matthew Mc has bought out such and such restaurant for Saturday night, G5's and G6's are clogging the tarmac at the airport, etc.  Wednesday night T texted me and said the rumor going around campus was that he showed up at the DG house while the girls were in the middle of rush preparations (his sister?  mother?  was a DG.  Allegedly.). 
Everytime I think of Texas I think of this clip from the movie "Man of the House."  The movie isn't that great and this is the probably the best 2 minutes.  I also like the scene where Tommy Lee Jones says, "This IS my happy face!"  I use that line alot! 

And then, Thursday afternoon, the most wonderful thing happened!  I was in TOTAL shock to receive 4, FOUR, super awesome comments on my blog (it was actually 5 comments but 1 was a repeat so I won't count it!).  Four (ok, actually 3; don't count the repeat!) comments on "It's OK Thursday" and one for the post "Foosball."  I was over-whelmed and I was so happy to know someone reads my blog!  Thank You!  Thank You!  Thank You!!

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