Saturday, May 4, 2013

Oh Spring! Where for Art Thou??

We are currently experiencing some cooler than normal temperatures in Birmingham.  Having lived here for almost 15 years, you kind of forget that this is the kind of Spring weather that most of the country experiences at this time of the year.  As a matter of fact, it was warmer today at my brother's house in PA than it was here.  I, of course, am enjoying the weather and love having the A/C off and the windows wide open.  Plus, I don't have to water the flowers tonight. 

Coach had a good week in MD.  He really likes the people in the office but is definately not used to being on Eastern time and is definately not used to the traffic!  Thursday night he was able to find a single ticket on line and went to the Rangers vs. Capitals game.  Can't remember the last time he went to an NHL game much less his beloved Rangers.  This morning he drove up to my brother's to surprise my nephew at his lax game.  After Mr. B's game they had lunch w/ his temmates (one of his little buddy's is JoePa's grandson) and then they stayed for my cousin John's game and walked around campus for a bit.

Thursday night the varsity boys team played Vestavia in semi-finals.  I did NOT want to go to the game at all but had to take some stuff to Patrick and KJ begged me to stay.  I swear, that kid thinks of all those boys as her big brothers, her extended family.  Well, I'm glad we stayed because it was a great game and they ended up beating Vestavia 12 to 7.  Plus, I think Coach was glad we were there "representin'." 

In other, equally exciting sporting news, KJ made the 8th grade volleyball team!  They had a clinic Monday and Tuesday and try-outs Wednesday.  The coaches weren't sure if they were going to put the list on the gym door or on-line.  KJ had checked the website a couple of times but nothing was up.  I was about to make her go to bed because it was getting kind of late but let her check on-line one last time.  She must have timed it just right because her name popped up and she sq2uealed!  So proud of her!!!

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Anonymous said...

Girl! I didn't know you were in Birmingham. I am too! Are you apart of the Alabama Women's Bloggers group?

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