Sunday, August 18, 2013

Milos Anyone??

Adjusting to life in the South story #2:
Thanksgiving 1999; T-bone's Kindergarten class.
Room mom sends home a letter about the upcoming classroom Thanksgiving feasts and asks for parent volunteers to bring in various items.  I call her, leave a message and say I will be happy to bring in whatever she needs.  She, in turn, leaves me a message asking me to please bring in some Milo's.  I've lived here just a few months and have NO clue what Milo's is.  Fruit?  Vegetable?  Animal?  Mineral?  I leave the room mom another message explaining that I'm not really sure what Milo's is but if she tells me where to find some, I'll bring it to the class party.  She leaves one last, final message asking me to please bring in paper plates. 

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