Monday, August 5, 2013

Sophomore Year Has Begun

So Sophomore year is upon us.  Very, very different from Freshman year. Freshman year was so crazy and was just one big shopping spree -- XL linens, towels, micro and fridge, storage solutions, cute little dresses for Rush, etc. Sophomore year was very calm. T is using the comforter set she bought last year, same egg crate mattress pad, same mattress protector cover, she did buy a new set of sheets and a new set of towels. Other than that, she really didn't buy much. She kept everything in one spot in the garage and even loading up her car was easy-breezy. Being an RA several items are already provided for her so she didn't need to pack her fridge or microwave but she did need to take a TV with her. She's got that great big room all to herself so she wasn't worried about taking too much stuff. They had the carpet already laid down for her, the fridge, the microwave and they gave her a couch, too. The Boy helped her move in, hooked up her cable for her and did most of the heavy lifting.  They went out to dinner Saturday night to T's favorite restaurant and Sunday they went to BBB.  Sadly, T said none of the hot male servers from last year were working.  Sunday afternoon they had an RA gathering in the Grove and had a wonderful meal catered from Taylor Grocery. 

KJ started volleyball today and will have daily practice from now until the season is over.  She's worked pretty hard in the off season.  We did not buy a single thing during tax-free weekend.  It just isn't worth it to me.  I heard the crowds were insane and I hate crowds. 

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