Thursday, August 15, 2013

Thor Day

This week has positively draaaaagged on!  And, I even had a short week because I took Monday off to do some personal stuff!  Maybe I need a Thirsty Thursday or something to pick me up a bit! 

Some interesting tid-bits about Thursday:
I actually have a friend who's younger brother's name is Thor.  He's the only Thor I've ever met. 

Even though I can't wait for Friday to get here, it's all good!  The hubster made it home safe and sound this morning (yesterday's UPS plane crash at the BHM airport had everyone a little freaked out) and we had breakfast together at the hotel.  T will be home and we're having a get together Saturday night to see everybody before we leave.  I love having all my chicks in the nest!  KJ is finishing up her Bumpus Middle School volleyball career this week, she's all registered at her new school and the pool heater at our new house is being turned on for her arrival.  The moving van has been scheduled and honestly, there's not much to do right now.  I'm sure between now and moving day I'll have a million and one things to think about but for now, we're all good.

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