Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Life in the South story #3
Location:  Cosmo's first couple of days in his new office

Payday rolls around and Cosmo is supposed to distribute paychecks.  Unfortunately he doesn't recognize a single name on the checks.  He asks his admin to contact home office since it appears they have mixed up their checks with another branch's.  Admin asks to see the stack of checks, flips thru them and says, "No.  This is right."  Cosmo said, "I don't recognize any of these people.  Who's Robert So and So?  Who's David?  Who is ...."  She said, "Well, that's Jimmie.  His real name is Robert James but everyone calls him Jimmie.  David's first name is Michael but no one calls him that, either.  Oh and that's JR.  He's a Junior so we just call him JR, etc."  Cosmo comes home and says, "Sheesh!  Everyone down here has two names!  I don't even know half my employee's names!

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