Monday, May 21, 2018

Wedding Hangover

Were you one of the crazy ones (like me!) who woke up super early Saturday morning to watch the Royal Wedding or did you watch a recap at a later time?  I woke up early for Diana and Charles and Kate and Will; I wasn't going to miss this one! 

Let's first talk about the most important but often overlooked factor of the day -- the weather!!!  The sun was shining, beautiful blue skies and London was in her glory!!  You don't get many perfect weather days in the dreary UK but Saturday was definitely one of them! 

I'm always impressed by the military precision in which the Palace organizes events.  I'm a stickler for being on-time (which, to me, equals "early") and they had arrivals on a tight, tight timeline.  Once the Queen arrived, that was it.  No tardy relations barreling through St. George's doors trying to slip into their seats unnoticed.

And now on to the fashion!  Here are some of my favorite guest looks from Saturday: 

George and Amal Clooney

Diana's brother, Charles, Earl of Spencer, and his wife.

James Corden and his wife.  I love everything about her dress and fascinator -- the color, the cut and her accessories.  I had no idea his wife was so pretty!

Kitty Spencer, Diana's niece.  She's stunning! 


Sarah Ferguson looked lovely in a combination of navy and pink. 

James Blount and his wife, Sofia Wellesley.  I think she was the best dressed guest at the wedding.  Quintessential British day wedding wear and a fabulous smile and fascinator!
David Beckham (notice I did not include a pic of Victoria.  That's because she looked like she was going to a funeral.  She always looks miserable!)
And now for the rest of the guests:
Oprah (could have ditched the sunglasses).  I do like her shoes, though! 

I like Serena's dress and fascinator but the necklace was distracting. 

OMG.  These two. 
All I can say is "bless their hearts." 
Eugenie looks like a 1960's flight attendant and her dress is too short for a Royal wedding (dress code is "at or below the knee"). 
But, I guess it's better than this: 

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