Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Are you Ready???

Last week was KJ's Freshman Orientation at Ole Miss.  Even though I've been through this once before with T, it was a great refresher with a lot of new information. 

We got to Oxford Wednesday night, completed early registration, got set up in our dorm rooms and had dinner w/ my wonderful Godson, Z.  He was still on campus for ROTC but drove back to Cincy Friday afternoon.  We had dinner at Old Venice (personal fave!) and I was so tired I went back to the dorm and settled in with my book.  I didn't sleep good that night but Thursday night I was out like a like by 9 PM and slept like a rock star!  KJ's orientation roommate got in late Wednesday night and we all went out for breakfast before Orientation officially kicked-off.  She was from the same small town as T's very own Pony Boy!  What are the chances??

As this was not my first rodeo, I was very prepared for my 2-night stay in the dorm.  I had my fan, my own pillow and blankie, my own towels, my make-up mirror and even a small lamp, plenty of water and snacks.  I felt bad for some of the kids and parents who had to fly in to Memphis, rent a car, etc.  Some of them had never even stepped foot on campus before and you can just see the looks of utter confusion and anxiety on their faces. 

I think I actually learned more at KJ's orientation versus T's.  I was so overwhelmed way back then.  T had graduated from high school on a Thursday (I think) and we were at Orientation two days later.  It was a lot to take in.  I was much more relaxed and confident knowing daughter #2 will be in good hands.  Ole Miss does an OUTSTANDING job of disseminating information and allieviating any fears you (or your child!) may have.  It's truly a family atmosphere and several administrators give out their personal cell phone numbers.  How awesome is that???

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