Wednesday, June 27, 2018

It's Hot Y'all

Yesterday was 99 degrees here in Dallas, today and tomorrow are supposed to be 102 and 103 respectively.  It's hot y'all!  I mean, like, Africa hot. 

When we told friends and family that we were moving the Texas the first thing everyone said was, "um, Valerie does know it gets hot in Texas, doesn't she???"  Apparently my disdain for hot weather is well documented.  I have to say though, as hot as it gets here, it's really not too terrible.  There's hardly any humidity and there always seems to be a nice breeze. 

I'm fairly easy going when we are house-hunting but the one stipulation I had when we were relocating to Texas was that we had to have a pool.  There was no way I was moving to Texas without a pool in the backyard.  And it had to be in the backyard.  Not a neighborhood pool that I had to walk to or get in the car and drive to. 
I think Coach and I use the pool more than KJ.  Last weekend we had such a nice, relaxing couple of days just lounging in the pool, tunes cranking, enjoying the breeze, floating in and out of the shade under our amazing tree.  Coach puts on my favorite 80's station (not sure if he uses Spotify or Amazon or what) and we just chill.  Sometimes the dog jumps in and relaxes on her special floatie. 

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