Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Time to kiss and make-up

A couple of weeks ago I decided I need a little refresh.  I feel like I've been using the same make-up forever and needed to update a few things. 

As much as I love taking care of my skin, I really don't enjoy using make-up.  I think because I do take such good care of my skin, I don't have a lot of problem areas that need to be addressed or corrected (other than my "freckles" which have turned into dark/age spots over the years but I have learned to accept them.  And, of course, those fine lines around my eyes that have materialized over time!  I think they're called "laugh lines"?).  I drink a ton of water daily and take vitamins and try to eat lots of fruit and veggies.  I also use a 50 SPF lightweight sunscreen on my face.  I love to use different scrubs, masks, moisturizers and creams on my face and body but on the weekends I rarely wear make-up and during the week I wear the bare minimum.  I don't know how to contour, highlight or even how to do a smoky eye.  And I have never ever worn a pair of false eyelashes.  It's on my bucket list. 

I haven't been sleeping great and have noticed my under eye bags and dark circles have been a bit more pronounced so I headed to my local Ulta (I'm usually a Sephora girl but Ulta is the closest to my house).  I looked around a bit when I first walked into the store and realized I was out of my league and needed a professional!  Thankfully, the sales associate was very, very helpful.  I explained I don't want a heavy look but rather something on the more natural side.  She said, "ok...so...like you only better?"  Exactly!

I told her I needed a concealer but didn't want anything heavy or difficult to blend.  We tried a couple of different options but ultimately decided on the Smashbox Studio Skin 24-hour waterproof concealer.  I really liked the consistency and rather than use the spongy applicator, I bought a new small make-up brush to really blend it in exactly where I need it most.

The sales associate used an Urban Decay loose powder on me but it was out of stock so she suggested I try the It Cosmetics Bye-Bye Pores loose powder as an alternate. 
I very rarely wear any type of lip color but when I do I wear neutrals.  I love the Sugar Lip Tint by Fresh in either Rose or Honey.  But, in an effort to up my game, I decided to try a new lip kit from Ulta Beauty which has some different shades and finishes to mix and match.  
I'm still using a BB cream as my foundation.  It's lightweight and I feel like I'm not wearing any make-up at all.  I use a couple of different eye shadow palettes (again, all very neutral)...Urban Decay Naked 2 is a classic in my house and I also like the Maybelline Nudes palettes.  I finish off my eyes with this Maybelline mascara and a little bit of brown eye liner along the upper lash line. 

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