Thursday, April 2, 2009

WOW. I haven't blogged in FOREVER!!!

When I originally started to write this post we were still in Vegas. Chris's laptop died (he forgot the charger) so I had to finish this post when we got home.

I am currently sitting in my hotel room at the Paris hotel in Las Vegas. I've been out at the pool pretty much all day and really need to get in the shower. Chris is at a convention and I've been having the most relaxing trip. The weather has been phenomenal. High 70's/low 80's, nice breeze, no humidity. My kind of weather. We've never stayed at this hotel before but it's very nice. Our room is awesome -- it's a corner room and out one window we have the most amazing view of the Eiffel Tower and out the other window we can see the fountains at the Bellagio across the street.

"ShoWest" is a here. It's a big movie theater convention and "Bumblee Bee" from the Transfomers is out front of the hotel under the Arc de Triomphe. Also, one of the location stations is showing all the movies that are coming out. I've been watching previews for Will Farrell's Land of the Lost, a 1920's gangster movie w/ Johnny Depp, a new movie w/ Adam Sandler and Seth Rogan.

We arrived Tuesday night and had dinner @ Margaritaville. Wednesday night we had a vendor dinner at a middle-eastern restaurant complete w/ a belly dancer. Chris could hardly contain himself. The food was amazing. Thursday night we went to a cocktail party @ the Palm's. I tried to talk Chris into getting matching tats @ Carey Hart's place (he's Pink's ex-husband) but he wimped out. I wasn't too impressed w/ the Palms. Kind of a weird vibe going on there. After the Palm's we went to the Hard Rock Casino. I liked that place a lot. Not huge, awesome music cranking and oh yeah. How can I forget the pole dancers? Friday was our "free" day and it was positively FREEZING! The wind was so strong, it actually pushed Chris sideways (I stayed behind him to cut down on the wind drag). It also rained a tiny bit. We rode the Duece up and down the strip (double decker bus) and walked around MGM for a bit. That night we went back to the Palms for a dinner @ 9 (that's the name of the restaurant, not the time). The food was freakin phenomenal. We had a big crusteasean platter for appetizers, lobster bisque and surf & turf for dinner. I had a couple of pear martini's. De-lish! After dinner we went up to the Playboy club. It was pretty cool. The dealers and bar staff were all Bunnies and they had a great DJ. We took a taxi over to Caeser's and hung out @ the new Shadow Bar. Again, awesome music. Pure seems to be the new hotspot in Vegas. The line to get in was insane. My darling hubby had waaaaaayyy too much to drink and was not a happy camper today. We walked around the shops at Caesar's forum this morning before our flight took off. We had lunch at the Hawaiin Tropic Zone (the food was much better than I had anticipated. I was expecting "Hooters" type food but really enjoyed my chicken sandwich on a baguette w/ avacados, bacon, and swiss).

Our flight home was great. We actually arrived 30 minutes early! Good to be home but boy am I tired!!

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J said...

I was about to get worried about you! Sounds like a great those!!

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