Friday, February 27, 2009

Rainy Friday

Busy week! Last Friday T & KJ spent the night at the dance studio for their annual sleep-over. They had so much fun. Unfortunately, the sleep-over ended at 7 AM! Chris drove up to the studio to get KJ and brought T her weekly chick-fil-a biscut. She stayed until 12:30 PM for her regular dance class and the dance team preparation class.

Sunday Chris had a game against Franklin HS. Both Varsity & JV won their games but things got a little ugly during the Varsity game. Two players from each team got ejected. I don't know if it was just gameday jitters or senior-itis. From the game, Chris headed up to Birmingham-Southern to play a couple quarters in a Magic City men's game. We had the Motley Crue concert that night and had such a good time w/ T & Austin. Chris said if Motley Crue isn't too old to play, he isn't too old to go see them. They really put on a good show. It was a weird crowd -- folks mine & Chris's age (and older) and then kids T & Austin's age. KJ spent the night at a friend's house and went to school w/ them Monday morning. They must have been up late because Monday night KJ rolled herself up in a blanket like a burrito and fell asleep face down on my bedroom floor for over 3 hours. She was so out of it.

Monday T was still super tired so I let her stay home from school. She had lax practice that night. Tuesday KJ was still very, very tired so she stayed home from school. That night the freshman dance team marched in the Mardi Gras parade at Patton Creek. Whe had such a good time! I had never gone to that parade before and it was such a nice night to be outside. Several local business had floats, the high school jazz band played at Cajun Steamer, Sweet & Sassy had the pink stretch limo out, the drum line marched, the fire trucks were there, the mayor was there and KJ got lots of beads and even a moon pie! I caught a insulated wine bottle carrier from my favorite store, Wrapsody.

Wednesday T-bone had her first lax game of the season. They played a great game vs. Spain Park. The girls still have a lot of work to do but played well. T didn't score but she had a couple of nice shots on goal. KJ had her first softball practice Wednesday night, too. Fortunately, lax & softball were at the same fields so we weren't running around like crazy people.

Thursday T & I went to the mandatory dance team meeting at the high school last night. Sheesh. I am NOT looking forward to auditions. 38 girls showed up at the meeting last night; only 16 spots are open. I just can't believe a high school of our size is only allowing 16 girls. IDK -- maybe 20 would be more appropriate???

So today is just a dark, dreary stormy day. I love it. Lots of tornado warnings/watches, lots of thunder & lightening. Poor little Trixie. She won't go out in the rain so she's a little out of sorts today. We've taught her how to "sit" and now we're working on "lay down."

I think all my chicks will be in the nest tonight. Hopefully all this rain will cancel Saturday's practices too. KJ is supposed to have both softball practice tomorrow and her first lax practice of the season. I'm really looking forward to her lacrosse season. I love watching her in the goal. She does so well and stays remarkably calm during the games.

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