Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter Everyone!!

Sitting here w/ a glass of white wine trying to relax. We had a very nice Easter Sunday. It was wonderful to have "all my chicks at home" as I always say. This was the first Sunday we've had free in weeks. We all slept in a little bit and Chris made us bacon & eggs for breakfast. We got a lot done today -- Chris and his little helper hosed off the back deck and got rid of all the pollen, freshened up the patio furniture/cushions, etc. They also cleaned all the windows in the back of the house and Chris straightened up all the lax stuff in the garage. I think KJ even helepd him wash his car. After lunch Chris mowed the front lawn. I damp mopped the wood floors, did some laundry, did some dishes, etc.

We decided since it was only the 4 of us, we didn't want a big fancy traditional ham dinner. The girls asked for shrimp scampi so that's what we had --caesar salad, fresh italian bread and lots & lots of shrimp scampi.

Yesterday KJ had a 12 noon softball game and a 4 PM lax game. They won the softball game, lost the lax game. Her little softball team is no joke. Very, very competitive coaches and parents. She's having fun though. Lax was tough. The Vestavia team is good. Our defense definately needs some work.

T seems like she had a good weekend. Friday night her and Austin went over to Casey's house w/ his girlfiend Sara. They had a bonfire and hung out. T went back to Sara's for the night. I don't really know Casey all that well but I did check w/ Sara's mom to see what was going on and I also spoke w/ Austins' mom. I know T wasn't thrilled that I checked up on the situation but that's just how it's gonna have to be. I trust T alot but I also remember what I was like at 14. Last night she went to Austin's to watch a movie.

My poor hubby has had a bit of a hard time lax-wise the last couple of weeks. The Dan Anderson tournament was pretty rough. I was over at the Mt. Brook HS for T's game(s) and had a FaceOff tent over there, he was not only coaching but also trying to man the FaceOff tent at the Mt. Brook Sports complex (this was the first year the boys & girls played on different fields; the tourney is really growing). Anyway, I had my tent set up on a concrete walk-way; chris unfortunately had to settle for the disgusting horrible mud at the sports complex. Some of this stuff got thrown on the ground, muddy & ruined. To top it all off, Hoover came in 3rd and John Carroll came in 2nd. The general consensus in the lax community is that John Carroll got some "easier" seatings in the tourney. I don't know how that stuff works so I don't really care. Anyway, it was a rough weekend -- the weather was horrendous and we didn't do as well as we would have liked. Then, Chris had to play John Carroll last week and basically beat the snot out of them (16-zip). Boy, oh boy were the JC parents PISSED. Some crazy lady was in the stands screaming at Chris, friends of ours aren't speaking to us now, etc. Then, T loses to Spain Park in double overtime. It really was a good game but T has got to get her head in the game. She needs to be more aggressive. Anyone who has ever played against Chris (HS, college, men's league, etc.) will tell you Chris is one of the toughest guys on the field. T says she loves the sport but I think she just needs some "work." Then, to top it all off, KJ looses to Vestavia yesterday. I swear, somedays I would love for him to just walk away from lacrosse so we could have a "normal" life but i don't even know what normal is anymore. He loves being w/ boys 99.9% of the time (yes, they bug the shit out of him but I secretly think he likes it). I think Chris could do w/out half the parents (not our parents; they're great! it's the opponents parents that can be a bit much). It's really tough on him. He knows just about every kid currently playing lacrosse (even the itty bitty little boys!) from either a clinic, a game or the store. They want their kid to play all-stars for him but can't handle it when he beats their ass in the regular season. And I have to sit there w/ a smile on my face while everyone's bad mouthing my husband. Not fun.

I cannot believe school is almost over. We have some lax this week, some softball and the girls have dance pics. Their recital is less than a month away. I love KJ's jazz costume (If my Friends could See me Now), not too crazy about her ballet costume (they are dancing to Reflections from the Mulan soundtrack). Her tap routine is to Car Wash. I have no idea what the hell T is dancing to!

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