Friday, April 24, 2009

Lots going on; can't even remember the last time I blogged

Lots of lacrosse, softball and dance stuff going on. This time of year is tough. I can't wait for everything to be over! Seriously! All this end of year stuff is really getting me down.

The girls had dance studio photos last week which was kind of crazy. Then, the girls were supposed to be at the Botanical Gardens super early on Saturday morning for photos for the dance recital program. KJ never made it. She was exhausted. She had a lax game the night before. We left her game and went straight to Chris's mens game @ Samford (he scored 8 goals!) and then we went out for nachos and beers afterward. While T & I were at the Botanical Gardens, we took a couple of photos. She looked so pretty! Just like a little woodland fairy. KJ's ballet costume is very pink! She's dancing to a Mulan song. I also like her tap and jazz costumes too.
KJ's lttle softball team had been undefeated until last night. Grammie & Pop arrived Wednesday night so they were able to see her play last night. Chris played Mt. Brook at the same time at the same park so I was able to leave KJ's game and run down to the lax field to see the boys spank Mt. Brook. JV also won but lost the other night in a crushing loss to Vestavia (Varsity beat Vestavia and remains undefeated).
Tonight is the Spring Fling at KJ's school. They used to do a Fall Festival but have now decided to do it in the spring. I have to volunteer at the dunking booth from 6:30 to 7 PM. Tomorrow KJ has a softball game and it's our turn to bring snacks. Sunday Chris has 2 lax games and I think T will have a practice. She had 2 lax games this week -- lost to Vestavia but beat Ramsay which is a new inner city school trying to get a program going. Even though the girls beat Ramsay 15-0 it wasn't a good game. Very sloppy.

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