Friday, April 10, 2009

sports update

T lost to Spain Park the other night in an exciting game which ended in double over-time. As with the boys, it's hard to cheer like a crazy person -- we knew so many girls on the other team (and their boyfriends who came to watch them play).

KJ had her first softball game last night. Her team had actually played a couple of games but she missed them due to lax or mine & Chris's trip to Vegas. I brought Trixie to the game last night and all those little kids wore the Trixster out. Can I pet your puppy? What's your puppy's name? Is your puppy a boy or a girl? Can I give her a treat? Can I hold her?

Last night Chris played Huntsville but instead of driving all the way up there, they met halfway in Cullman. The JV game went into double-overtime and ended w/ a braveheart (in all these years of watching the boys play, I've yet to see a braveheart). Varsity also won which just solidifies their undefeated season.

Chris has off today for Good Friday (which is weird because his boss is Jewish). The girls, however, do not have off today but they have off next Friday. Someone screwed up that school calendar big time.

Chris has a game tonight and KJ is bugging me to let her take a friend to the game so she's not bored (and sleep over). It looks like a gray nasty possibly rainy day out there.

KJ has a busy day Saturday -- 12 noon softball game, 3 PM lacrosse game.

We are all really looking forward to having a free Sunday for a change. I don't think I'm going to make a big traditional Easter ham dinner. We have so much we need to do in the house, I think we may just do a tray of lasagna, a big bowl of salad and a loaf of fresh bread. It's only going to be the 4 of us.

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