Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hi Ya!

I'm back. Busy, busy, busy!

Mom & Dad got here Wednesday while we were at T's lax game vs. Ramsay HS. The girls won 15-0 but really didn't play well at all. Very sloppy. Thursday KJ had a softball game and Chris had a game vs. Mt. Brook. Mom & Dad stayed @ KJ's game (first game her team lost this season) while I got to see Hoover spank Mt. Brook. Friday was the Spring Fling @ KJ's school which was a lot of fun. Very organized and well thought-out. This year they had lots of big "attractions" vs. games they've had in the past. Saturday KJ had a softball game.

Lots of lacrosse and I do mean LOTS of lacrosse. Sunday Chris had both the JV and Varsity games vs. Spain Park. It was very hot but Hoover won both games. Varsity is still undefeated this season. They've had an awesome year. JV A and JV B have both had great seasons as well. While we were at the Spain Park game, KJ & Grammie went to the movies to see "Earth."

Mom & Dad left early Monday morning and last night we went to Austin's lax game and T played against Vestavia immediately after the JV game. Although the girls lost by 1, they played incredible! Very, Very proud of the girls! Vestavia has beat us in the past by at least 6 points so last night was a great achievement. I think we had them rattled a bit. T had a great goal that kind of changed the game around.

So we have dance this week, some more lax, some softball. Championship weekend @ the HS all weekend, dance recital stuff next week. Things are starting to wind down a bit. Thank God. I'm beat.

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