Saturday, February 6, 2010

Baby Mama Drama

Sitting here on this crappy Saturday morning supposed to be folding laundry and instead I'm watching Baby Mama and blogging. I have never seen this movie before and it's pretty funny. Amy Poehler cracks me up and the doorman is funny too. Usual Saturday morning here...Cosmo is at lax, T is at dance. This horrible weather is really getting depressing and it's affecting my health. No lie. I get really bad migraines when it rains like this and my nose and throat are still a mess.

So yesterday I went to a job fair. I've never been to something like that before and let's just say it was interesting. Felt like I was at an American Idol audition. Pants on the Ground. Pants on the Ground.

KJ didn't go to school yesterday. She woke up with her left eye almost closed shut and it was all pink and crusty. Fun fun fun. She looks much much better this morning.

Getting ready for the 5th annual Lacrosse Auction next weekend. I've been putting together a basket of gift certificates and items from local merchants. Everyone has been awesome and I've got a lot of great donations which I will put in a backpack embroidered with the school logo. I've also been putting together a Valentine's Day basket with chocolate, heart shaped pasta, some chocolate martini mix, Valentine's Day plates and napkins and it's all in a red plastic picnic basket. It's all about the presentation! The lax auction is a fun event and can sometimes get very competitive!

Friday night is the Sadie Hawkin's Dance. Not sure yet where T's group is going for dinner prior to the dance but I know everyone is coming here for pictures and I think she's having an after-party. I swear, if that kid doesn't go into broadcast journalism, she needs to be an event planner. Party over here, party over there. Party all the time. And the great thing is, she brings together kids that normally wouldn't hang out together and it somehow works...she invites lacrosse kids, the "smart" kids from her AP classes at school, some neighborhood kids, girls from her dance studio that don't even go to her school, she doesn't really care.

Starting to think about Spring Break. T's got definite plans, the rest of us have not finalized our plans, got some fun things in the works though. It's just going to be me, Cosmo & KJ so we can kind of wing it this year and go with the flow. Looking forward to spending some quality time with KJ. She told me the other day "it's very difficult living with T."

I'm so sick of my winter clothes already and have been looking forward to spring. I bought a couple of cute things from Old Navy on-line but had to return the shoes. I loved them but they didn't fit quite right. I had ordered a 1/2 size up from my normal size because last time I bought from Old navy they were too small. I also bought a tank and a cardigan to go with my khaki skirt and a very springy tote bag. I bought 3 bathing suits at the end of the season so I should be OK in that department. I love my capri's and don't think I need much for Spring....maybe just some new t-shirts and some new flippy-floppy's. I buy the Old Navy flip flops in every color when they go on sale for 2 $5. I am NOT looking forward to shopping with KJ. She hates to try on clothes and is very, very picky.
I also came across this adorable trench coat but I think the sleeve length would bother me. Other than 3/4 sleeve t-shirts, I really don't like that length. I always feel like my clothes shrunk when I wear 3/4 length sleeves.

I found these cuffs that I absolutely adore but can't decide which color I like. The tortoise one would go with just about everything I own. I'm a very neutral person when it comes to clothes, lots of brown, lots of black. I don't look good in bright splashy colors. Except red. I do have a red v-neck sweater and always receive lots of compliments when I wear it. Come to think of it, I'm not sure if it's because it goes well with my coloring or if it's because it's cut kind of low and it makes my boobs look good.

I need to give Cosmo some ideas for Valentine's Day. I usually select some items at the Brighton store and he and the girls pick something out for me. I really don't know what I want this year. We don't buy big expensive things for each other but I do like to get presents. And he always picks out very romantic cards. My dad used to drive my mother insane because no matter the occasion, he always forgot the card. I can't say that about Cosmo. He has always (and I do mean ALWAYS!!! Since 1982!) bought me very wonderful, romantic cards for Mother's Day, Christmas, Valentines, my b-day, our anniversary, etc. And he doesn't just sign them, he always adds a very personal note. And, I think I've saved just about every card he's ever given me.


*Yankee Belle* said...

Love those shoes. I'm 'dyin' from this weather too. The sun better show up soon...or I might have to go retail. (as in shop.) ;)

Blasé said...

2 for $5 is always good!

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