Saturday, February 27, 2010

Lax Season is Upon Us

That's my girl! Wheelin' and dealin', going coast to coast. I don't think she scored here but it's a pretty good picture! Oh, and she got the first yellow card of the season, too. So, so proud. :-)A little chilly this morning at T's season opener. The girls got to the field about an hour before face-off and it was a good thing, too! They got the jitters and the giggles out of their systems. First half wasn't so great but they played much better the second half. I am proud to say that T-bone scored 3 of her teams 5 goals. We're still a very, very young team....only 5 returning players (2 are freshmen, 2 are sophomore's and I think the 5th girl is a senior but only with a year under her belt).

KJ had lax practice yesterday and this morning Cosmo is headed up to Memphis with both the JV and Varsity teams. I can't remember which day they're playing which team but they will be playing Houston and Christian Bros.

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