Thursday, February 18, 2010

Vancouver (or, as KJ calls it, Wancouver)

Awesome day for USA at yesterday's Olympics! I can't say anything about Shaun White that hasn't been already said. He's so cool and such a wonderful ambassador for his sport. Not only are his tricks phenomenal, but he gets to biggest air ever! I tried snowboarding once. It was before we were married and we were visiting friends in Breckenridge. Holy cow. I totally sucked at it. Cosmo's buddy Bob spent the afternoon w/ me on the slopes and there were little toddlers in helmets snowboarding better than me. It was embarrassing. Chris snowboarded a lot in college (Killington was just a few minutes away) and he was pretty good.

Lindsey Vonn had such an incredible comeback. For days we've all thought her Vancouver experience would be cut short by her injuries. Then, to watch all those women crash and burn on the course, she had to have been a nervous wreck (I had to explain to KJ what I meant when I yelled out "YARD SALE!"). Shows what a true champion, a true athlete she is. She was totally in the zone. And I love her USA knit hat!
We used to ski alot but I haven't skied since before Taylor was born (so basically 16 years). I wasn't very good but really liked it alot. I didn't like the moguls. I love the snow, the cold, I'm a total winter girl. I liked going up the ski lift. I liked having cute, matchy-matchy ski outfits (I had a hot little body before kids and used to be able to wear the tight ski pants that showed off my butt) and I liked coordinating my goggles, my boots, my hats and gloves. I liked going in the lodge and having chili and cornbread for lunch. And a big cup of hot chocolate. I liked when it's really really cold but the sun is shining and you can take off your skis and sit on the deck and soak up some sun. I like when you get that crazy tan line on your face from your goggles.

I would love to take the girls to Colorado for a ski trip but I think it would cost us a small fortune. All four of us would need to be totally outfitted from head to toe, airfare, lift tickets, hotel, etc. I think I'd need to win the lottery first.

For an update on Olympians of yesteryear, check out the following on College Candy:

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Screen Door Prep said...

I LOVED & took note of that supercute knit hat, too. Wonder where we could find one to buy?

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