Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sicko, Lost and Teenage Sex

Germs, Germs everywhere
Even on your teddy bear
Germs, Germs everywhere
Even where you can’t stare
Germs, Germs in our hair
But even when they’re out of sight, there are so many ways for us to fight…Germs
Holy cow! I am so flippin' sick! I can't stop sneezing and blowing my nose. And now, my hands are super dry from constantly washing them and my lips are chapped from breathing out of my mouth. Fun! Fun! Fun!

So last night was the BIG final season premiere of "Lost." Honestly, I was so doped up on NyQuil I had no clue what was going on. I mean Seriously!! Does ANYONE know what is going on with that show? I love it but week after week I look at Chris and say something along the lines of "What the hell just happened?" or "I'm so confused." I'm going to go on the record here and now and say that I hate Jack & Kate, love Sawyer, Hugo and Sayid. I really liked last night's show and the way they went back and forth...only problem is I couldn't tell if they were flashbacks or flash forwards. (See map below if you have any questions)

Today is Wednesday and the craziness starts for me. I love Mondays and Tuesdays because they're pretty laid back. T has lax on Mondays but she has plenty of time to come home from school, start her homework, grab a bite to eat, etc. Tuesday Chris has his boys lax practice but he either goes to the field right from the office or runs in the house and changes into shorts and runs right back out. Wednesday and Thursday are dance days which means I have to pick T up at the high school and run her over to the dance studio and somehow shove some dinner down her throat.
There's a new study out regarding abstinence and teens from the U of Penn. I caught part of it on CNN yesterday and today Hoda & KLG are discussing it. Yesterday the host of the CNN program got a little nasty with one of the professors she was interviewing. The professor, not involved with the study but on the panel of "experts," made a comment about the study not being very accurate because it was ONLY conducted on African-American teens in Philadelphia. The CNN host said, "What does race have to do with it??" Well, I'm not a sex therapist or sex educator or an expert of anything, but I would imagine race, as well as financial status, family history, religious upbringing and education levels would have a lot to do with it. I guess what I'm saying is that if your family is comprised of several children with different parents (not a by-product of divorce), your parents may have a much more relaxed attitude toward sex. If your family is trapped in the vicious welfare cycle, you may have been raised with a different attitude towards having children. Your religious upbringing will also play a large role in your views on pre-marital sex. So yes, I would agree that there are many factors when surveying teen's attitudes toward sex.
Which brings me to my next topic: promise rings. Do they really work or are they more for the parent's peace of mind? I know of several teenage girls who have promise rings and while they may still technically be virgins, they are rumoured to participate in other sexual activities. Are parent's fooling themselves into thinking "my child (boy or girl) isn't having sex because they wear a promise ring?" Is the promise ring just a phase popularized by young celebrities like the Jonas Brothers, Jordin Sparks and even Miley Cyrus? Does the "promise" really mean something to these kids or is it just a cool accessory?
This generation scares me...the whole "hooking up" attitude, the "oral sex isn't really sex" stuff bothers me. Shows like Jersey Shore, that stupide Brett Michael's show on VH1, the Bachelor, Real World, etc. don't help. Look, I'm no angel nor am I naive enough to think Daughter #1 is always going to be an innocent a little girl playing with her Polly Pockets (Daughter #2 is still a little too young for this although she does overhear alot my conversations with Daughter #1). Sex is just so casual to this generation. T has a couple friends who had sex as early as 9th grade and totally, totally regret it. This morning we had a conversation about one of the girls at the high school who is pregnant (and from what I hear, there are a couple of girls expecting babies). The pregnant girl's friend is in T's French class and she told T that the pregnant couple are planning to get married and the bride-to-be has asked this girl to be a bridesmaid. She kind of joked around to T and said, "how are we supposed to plan a bachelorette party? we're 17!!!" She also made a comment about this couple is also trying to figure out how they can attend Prom this year. Um, I think you have bigger issues at hand than Prom.

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