Tuesday, February 16, 2010

SNOW again!

Took T to lax practice @ 6 PM last night and could have sworn I saw a couple of flakes. Ran to Target on my way home and when I came out, it was snowing like crazy! The wind was blowing quite hard and it was really coming down! When I got home, KJ was standing outside w/ her mouth open trying to catch some flakes. She said she felt like she was inside a snow globe.

So funny to live in the South and hear everyone complain about the snow. Getting snow in Alabama is really the best of both worlds....the kids can still go outside and play for a little while, make a couple of snowmen, throw some snowballs, etc. It rarely sticks to the road and there is virtually no shoveling involved and it's usually gone in a couple of hours. We do own a shovel but I don't think it's ever been used for snow. Cosmo mainly uses it for leaves in the fall.
On a different note, KJ found out yesterday that she made the broadcast team at school. She was SO excited! She will be an anchor-person. T did broadcast in 5th grade and loved it and is still taking broadcast classes at the high school.

Unrelated story: My Vera Bradley pattern (Cambridge) has retired and I had told Cosmo & the Girls that I wanted the large duffel for Christmas. They couldn't find it anywhere and Cosmo HATES e-Bay so he refused to even search on-line for it. It went on sale the other day so I ordered it and told him he could give it to me for Valentine's Day. Fed Ex delivered it Saturday night, I knew what was in the box so I didn't really rush to open it. I finally opened it on Monday and had it on my bed. KJ came home from school and asked "where did you get that from?" I joked around and said, "My boyfriend bought it for me for Valentine's Day." She looked at me and said, "Seriously Mom. Other than dad, who would go out with you???" That's my girl. Always keeping it real.

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*Yankee Belle* said...

I have 2 large Vera duffels. love love love 'em.

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