Friday, April 2, 2010


So, so much going on the last couple of weeks, don't know where to start!

Last week was dance team try-outs at the high school. Talk about nerve racking! The whole house was on edge for a week. T had practice each night at the high school until 6 PM and from there she went to her dance studio for a couple of hours to practice some more. I think one night she walked in the door close to midnight. Happy to report that she made the squad and we are so incredibly proud of her! She worked so hard for it this year and really tried to perfect her technique. We kept telling her this was her year (she's on the every-other-year-plan...she made it in 7th, didn't make it in 8th, made it in 9th, didn't make it in 10th). After auditions the director posts the list of names on the high school website and a group of seniors come to the house and "kidnap" the younger girls. and take them back to the school for a little get-together. This year the list was kind of late to be posted (I think the girls kidnapped T around 9:15 PM and it still wasn't updated). I actually heard the girls honking the horn and blasting the music in our cul-de-sac and yelled to T "the girls are here!" It was so sweet! They really fussed over T and took photos and gave her a princess crown and a cute purple dance t-shirt.

Last weekend was also the big annual Dan Anderson lax tournament. Saturday was absolutely gorgeous, Saturday night T had the 8 PM game and it was a little chilly when the sun went down. Who am I kidding!??!! It was downright cold! Sunday morning it poured and the fields were a mess. We've been going to this tournament for years now and have NEVER had nice weather both days.

Last weekend was also Prom weekend. I luv, luv, luv looking at the kid's pics on FB. I luv seeing the boys cleaned up and looking spiffy and I luv looking at the girl's dresses. Such a special time in their lives. I very distinctly remember shopping for my senior prom dress with my parents. Some girls really know how to work it...they know what color looks good on them and how to dress for their body shape. I was a little disappointed in a few girls this year....their dresses looked like beach sarongs. No beading, no special details. Very boring.

This house is in full-on lax mode....Monday T had practice, Tuesday we had to attend a mandatory dance team meeting while Cosmo & KJ went to his JV and Varsity games vs. Vestavia. Wednesday was a blur and Thursday afternoon T had costume fittings at the high school while KJ had her first game of the season at one field and JV and Varsity played Spain Park at another. KJ played awesome in the goal and her team won 9 to 5. I didn't get to see any of the JV game but they won and I was able to see all of the Varsity game. Hubby has a GREAT group of boys and those kids totally have his back. Not sure of the details but apparently the opposing coach made a snarky comment to Chris pre-game in front of several of the boys. They saw that muscle in Cosmo's eye twitch (never a good sign) and knew he was trying to keep it in check. One of the boys said to Cosmo, "Coach, don't worry about it. We'll handle it on the field." And they did. Think the final score was 14-8.

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