Tuesday, May 4, 2010

3-time Varsity State Champs! (can I get a whoop! whoop!)

Sunday was State Championship day and the weather was so crappy! UGH! Second year in a row we've had severe weather (last year we had tornado warnings and had to huddle under the stadium!). JV played at noon and lost therefore ending their 3-year championship run. Girls Varsity played at 2 PM and had a couple of delays due to lightening strikes. Boys Varsity was scheduled to start at 4 PM and didn't start too much later than that. (for a full recap of the weekend's action, check-out Cosmo's blog at http://www.bamalax.blogspot.com/) Varsity played a GREAT game! It was a very clean game from both teams, no rough hits, no nasty parents, not too many bad calls, etc.

After the game the team had their end of year at a local wings place. KJ had her lax game at the same time clear on the other side of town. Being the good mother that I am, I drove her all the way over to her party and then all the way back to Cosmo's party. The boys were really pumped up and gave Cosmo a standing O. It was pretty cool.

This is Cosmo's nasty lucky lacrosse hat. He wears it constantly and I would love to throw it away but I promised him I'd bury him in it. The brim has holes in it and their are stains all over it (honestly though, he looks really cute in it!).

Last night was our first family sit-down dinner in a long, long time and it was wonderful. Cosmo & I bought new patio stuff (cushions, umbrella, table, couple of reclining chairs) and we had candles everywhere. T had her iHome rocking and we just sat and visited and caught up with each other. The crickets were chirping, we could hear the frogs in our neighbor's pond and KJ said it sounded just like eating in the Rainforest Cafe. We had such a nice night she actually said, "this was fun! let's do this EVERY Monday!!"

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