Thursday, May 20, 2010

Loving this Stormy Night

Really great storm rolled thru here this afternoon / early evening. The rain started after I picked T up from Bnettes and drove her to the dance studio for Video Night (the week after recital the classes get together and watch the DVD from the recital). There was some wicked lightening and then the rain started on my drive home.

It has been such a crazy, crazy week and I think the weekend is going to be just as wacky. Last night T had Bnettes until almost 6 PM and then had BamaLax practice over in Mt Brook from 6 to 8 PM. Meanwhile, Cosmo and the Varsity team got together to meet w/ a rep from Balfour, the ring company (I think our high school rings were from Josten's). It sounds like all the boys contributed to the overall design of the ring and I think Cosmo was happy with the cost.

On our way home from all-stars, we stopped at the restaurant because neither of us had dinner. T sat with the boys and stole JayBird's onion rings all night. I ended up chatting w/ a couple of mom's and had such a great time! One of the mom's I don't know very well and never really thought we had anything in common. Boy was I wrong. I don't know if it was the alcohol or what but man did I get an earful. Turns out we felt the same way about several people.

T is going to a grad party tomorrow night at the country club and Cosmo has the first all-star tournament of the season this weekend. I think KJ & I might like to see Shrek Forever in 3D.

Someone sent me the link for the following YouTube clip. It is SO adorable! Reminds me of that scene from Rudy where he mimics the coach's motivatinal speech word for word (something like "we're gonna win, win win, we're gonnna fight fight fight"). (I really like the part where she says something about "I love my hair!!!" So freaking cute and I think we could all use a pep talk in the morning!

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