Saturday, May 1, 2010


I love my job and all the wonderful perks that come with it. The spa recently switched over to Aveda products (which I have ALWAYS loved!) and they've marked down some of the discontinued spa products for $5. I bought some professional hair repair serum, some glycolic cream (great for my dark spots in the summer!) and also bought some lightening cream (again, got to get those dark spots!). I also bought some OPI nail polish and a bunch of pedicure products for T. Friday I had an incredible 50-minute massage right smack in the middle of the afternoon and felt wonderful! Like I said, LOVE my job!

Lacrosse season is winding down. T's team didn't make it to the semi-finals and KJ's team lost by one last night in overtime. It was a rough game but we all went out for ice cream last night as a team and that seemed to make everything all better. Cosmo's varsity played against their cross-town rivals last night and it sounds like I missed an awesome game! Parents have been calling him and e-mailing him all day about what a great game it was, great crowd, etc. He told me last night he was so proud of those boys and they "totally brought it" last night. He said they really stepped up. State Championships are tomorrow for both JV and Varsity.

T went to the Crawfish boil last night w/ friends and is at her friend Kate's Sweet 16 party tonight. She went to dance this morning and we ran a bunch of errands today after I picked her up. Despite a horrible record, she personally had an outstanding lacrosse season and racked up a butt-load of goals. Not bad considering this season she has juggled lax, studio dance AND b-nette practice twice a week. She scored the only 2 goals in Wednesday's game against Vestavia and has played with braces on her knees and a thumb brace most of the season. Very proud of her.

KJ, Cosmo & I went out for dinner tonight and also checked out some new patio furniture. I'd like to put down an sawgrass or sisal rug but think it may leave a big fade mark in the off-season since it's not a covered deck. We picked up one of KJ's friends for a sleep-over and I took a magnificent bubble bath using some of my new spa products. Got to gear up for the big day tomorrow! KJ was so funny at dinner, she gave Cosmo a big speech about it's not if you win or loose....


Anonymous said...

glad you had a nice weekend

Unknown said...

You work at a spa? Lucky duck!

Valerie said...

I work @ a spa & golf resort and really, really love my job! I feel happy everyday when I pull up to the hotel!

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