Saturday, May 15, 2010

Anne Hutchinson and Miss Otis

Friday was KJ's 4th grade Wax Museum. They've been learning all year about the Revolutionary War and Colonial America and key historical figures. KJ ended up as Anne Hutchinson, a Puritan who was killed in an Indian Massacre. In her research she discovered that the Hutchinson Parkway in NY, also known as the Hutch, was named after her. Drove up and down the Hutch thousands of times and had no idea. The kids worked so hard and looked so great. Some really cute costumes. Last night she had a friend's b-day party at the new Embassy Suites. She was really looking forward to it and I think they were going to swim and hang out all night. She's probably not going to be a happy camper today.

Last night was T's rehearsal for today's dance recital. Holy cow. It was long. She had to be there at 6 PM and I think we walked out of the BJCC after 11 PM. I was exhausted. I had literally walked in the door from work, changed my shoes and turned around and headed downtown. T drove from the house to the BJCC and freaked out a bit. She's driven on the highway before, no biggie, but I wasn't paying attention and forgot she didn't exactly know where she was going so we had a couple of hairy moments on 65.

Today's dance recital should be pretty good, I really like the theme and there are lots of props this year. One of the little girl's classes is dancing to Dolly Parton's "9 to 5" and they are wearing big bouffant wigs and carrying briefcases. T's hip hop song is to some song about shopping and they come out carrying shopping bags. Her pointe class (yay! her first year on toe!) is a circus / big top / big show theme and she wears a white, white wig and a little top hat and fishnets. Doesn't even look like her. Her jazz dance is awesome. She totally rocks it. Her sweet, sweet friend Sarah told her she was so good, that she couldn't look at anyone else. She told T she totally owned that dance and really made T's night (which was good because that hip-hop dance is not T's friend. She mised a LOT of Wednesday night classes this spring to go to her lax practices/games and it shows. She is not nearly as comfortable with the hip hop dance as she is with the two jazz, one tap and pointe dances). I have begged T for years to take a tap class and she finally took one over the summer. Her teacher told her she was very good but she just never felt it. I talked her into taking the class full-time and last night her tap routine was the only dance that got a big response from the kids and moms at rehearsal. Lots of oohs and aahs. There are only 4 girls in the tap class and the song is a really sassy number about Miss Otis sending her regrets.

After today's recital she has a friend's Sweet 16 at the country club so I will take her & Devon straight there from the BJCC. Another long day. Tomorrow she needs to get in one of her Bnette costumes and take some photos at the local businesses that sponsored her in this fall's football media guide. Never ends in this house.

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