Sunday, May 30, 2010

Another Beautiful Day

Well, OK. The weather wasn't so great but I've still managed to have another great weekend (and the best part is, it's not over yet!).

Friday night I had a pretty bad headache. I went to bed with it and woke up in the middle of night kind of wandering around our bedroom. Very unlike me. Saturday I kind of loafed around and just couldn't get focused during the day and took a long nap. By late afternoon the headache was gone and we got to work on KJ's room. Holy Hell what a mess! I don't know what she does up there. So, two days and several lawn and leaf trashbags later, we can now see her floor.

Today I got up super early and took care of a bunch of laundry, made my lists and did some errands and grocery shopping. Champ & I really needed a new set of sheets for our bed and I also bought a couple of things for T's room. Cosmo has been working on removing the wall paper in KJ's bathroom (I started it months ago and never finished). He's not very happy w/ me because I know that's not how he envisioned his long holiday weekend but we've got to start getting this house in shape.

KJ is spending the night at a friends and T is out w/ a bunch of her friends. I'm cooking dinner but I'm not sure who I'm really cooking for. Cosmo & I are making our honeymoon list (the things we plan to do the week the girls are gone). We've got some local restaurants we'd like to try sans children and are open to any suggestions!

Got the SEC game on; wish the weather had been better for the games. After a rain-delay, Alabama and LSU are tied in the 10th. LSU fans are getting pretty rowdy. Roll Tide!

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