Thursday, September 15, 2011

Toga! Toga! Toga!

So tomorrow is the day Tbone has been waiting four long years for . . . Toga Day! Friday ends the weeklong Homecoming festivities at her school and after dressing up all week, the Seniors get to celebrate by wearing Togas (it has something to do with salad dressing . . . if I remember correctly, the underclassmen wear "Ranch" and the Seniors are supposed to be "Caesar" or something like that). Because she was on a college visit she missed Neon Monday and Wizard Tuesday (not that she was going to dress up as a wizard in a million years....). Yesterday was Middle School day and today is Holiday. Earlier in the week was the Powder Puff game and from what I hear the Seniors prevailed. T did not participate because we weren't sure if she'd be home from FL in time for the game. She was a little bummed but did go after Bnettes to cheer her classmates on.

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