Saturday, June 9, 2012

Chicks in the Nest

Yay!  All the chicks are back in the nest!  Cosmo had been in Knoxville and Nashville last week so we got her on a flight from BWI to Huntsville yesterday and he picked her up at the airport.  Her flight was very, very early and I think she panicked for a minute when she got off the plane and didn't see Cosmo standing at the gate.  He had gotten hung up in security but she stayed on the phone with me until she saw him walking towards her.  Love knowing that my kids are somewhat independent and can handle themselves in any situation! 

Apparently my sweet, sweet little nephew was very worried about KJ flying by herself.  He was fine when they said good-bye to her at the gate but as they watched her plane pull away he got very upset and cried.  He said he didn't like her flying by herself and he missed her already.  He left her a message on her her cell phone and said, "Call me the MINUTE you land!!!"  So cute! 

We had such a nice night listening to her stories from her 2 week visit in PA w/ the fam.  The weather wasn't great so she didn't do any swimming and no horseback riding this trip (my cousin Jessica is taking summer classes and staying on campus).  But, KJ spent a lot of time w/ my niece and nephew, got to spend some time w/ her cousin John (they are 8 weeks apart), she rode the four-wheeler (a lot), went to Knoebels, went to one of Mr. B's baseball games, went to Miss C's pre-school graduation, made jam w/ my sister-in-law, went to John's lax tournament and Aunt Linda took her to dinner one night. Just some good ol' fashioned family fun time. 

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Christine Rosko said...

Hey! I absolutely love your blog. I actually found it by browsing through the designs that LeeLou blogs had listed and just fell in love with your title. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Liebster Blogger Award. It's something different from what you normally do but if you'd like to accept here is the link!

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