Wednesday, June 6, 2012

It's that whole "Circle of Life" thing

The other day T was telling me a cute story about how she was at the pool with friends and ran into the little girls she used to babysit (all 3 have beautiful, what I like to call "soap opera star" names).  The guys were playing a fairly physical game of basketball in the shallow end and T told them to watch out for the little girls.  She said it made her feel incredibly old and then she got really said when one of the little girls asked her why she doesn't babysit for them anymore?  T said she didn't know how to answer her.  Um, because I grew up?  Because I used to watch you when I was in middle school and then got a social life? 

It got me thinking about the famous saying, "It takes a village to raise a child."  I started to think of all the people who have touched my children's lives over the years:  teachers (obviously), coaches, neighbors, our lax family, church family.  Both of my girls played soccer, softball and lacrosse.  Both of my girls danced and cheered and both were Girl Scouts.  And now KJ's playing volleyball.  So many people have helped shaped and mold my girls into the young ladies they are today. 

Not having any blood family here, there are certain people I know I can count in an emergency.  I was blessed with wonderful neighbors and, not having any sisters, I was also blessed with an incredible core group of girlfriends.  Kay across the street, Beth next door, Judy, Troy, Scott & Teresa . . . I know they would always be watching out for my girls and they would not even hesitate one second to call me if they thought my girls were doing something they shouldn't.  Poor Gary next door had to call me one time and he was a nervous wreck.  I called him back later that afternoon to thank him for calling.  I told him I would never kill the messenger and I know it was difficult for him to pick up the phone.  I also told him I was thankful for that he cared enough to make that phone call, as difficult as it was. 

We've also been very fortunate to use be able to use scare tactics with our girls.  Especially when T was in middle school and starting to go to the movies or football games without constant parental supervision (that whole right-of-passage "group" stuff).  We would tell her "you never know who is watching you."  We always told her, "people know who you are, but you may not know who they are."  Sure enough, Cosmo's company used to have a suite at Regions Park for Baron's games during the Summer.  T did not realize the suite priveledges didn't apply to Friday night Hoover games during the Fall.  Cosmo gets a phone call on Monday morning from the Baron's GM.  Turns out T and a friend decided they were going to watch the football game from the comfort of the suite.  Just so happens the Baron's GM was in the elevator as they were going up to the box and asked them if he could help them with something.  T, very politely said, "It's OK.  My dad is So and So and his company has a suite here."  The GM recognized our last name and explained that was only during baseball season.  T's little friend had a $20 on her and tried, in the most discreet way possible for a 12 year old little girl, to BRIBE the GM.  Cosmo, of course, got upset and hoped T and her friend weren't disrespectful in anyway and he said, "No, no.  They were as polite and charming as could be!"  He told Cosmo if was pretty funny and it was the first time he had ever been bribed at a Hoover HS football game! 

So, by T telling me she was looking out for the little girls at the pool the other day, she became part of the village. 

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