Wednesday, June 20, 2012

It's the Final Countdown

I've got that awesomely bad, super cheesy 80's hairband song going thru my head today.  We've reached the final countdown for "Operation Ole Miss."   Less than 60 days, less than 2 months and we will be moving T into her dorm.  She's been keeping her stuff organized in the guest room since Christmas and everytime we purchase something, we just put it in the Ole Miss basket (extension cords, iron, command strips, laundry bag, picture frames, etc.).  She's got two sets of XL sheets and monogrammed towels but still needs to find bedding she and her roommate both like.  Friends of ours dropped off a super fun gift basket filled with college "necessities."  G texted T after she dropped it off and said as a little joke she usually hids condoms in the bottom of the basket but didn't think Champ would appreciate the humor!   
T's trying to decide if she wants to loft her bed or not. Her dorm is older and the rooms are on the smaller side so she really wants to maximize storage. The good thing is that she's only 3 hours away. If she forgets something or needs something, she can get it her first trip home or we can bring it to her that first football game (which she's SUPER excited about! She gets to participate in the Rebel Run!).

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