Sunday, June 24, 2012

To Quilt or not to Quilt . . .

Feel like I haven't been in my office in forever.  I can't remember the last time I worked a full week.  I took the Thursday & Friday off for T's graduation and then that Monday was Memorial Day, Tuesday afternoon we headed out to Ole Miss for Orientation and I was back in the office that Friday.  Then I got sick w/ pneumonia and missed a full week of work and then this past week I was in training Tuesday through Friday.  It's been crazy!

This is T:  

T is still getting her stuff together for Move-In Day.  We're making progress and checking things off the list.  Some of her friends are heading to Auburn early August (a lot of them are getting apartments and their lease starts August 1).  Not sure when the Alabama kids head to T-town.  We may (or may not) have found a comforter for her dorm.  She originally said she wanted a quilt and was going for a boho/eclectic kind of look.  Then she saw a yellow chevron duvet cover she liked and thought about turquoise accents.  Then she went back to the boho look.  I bought her a quilt from Urban Outfitters this week but will keep the receipt in case we need to return it.  She doesn't like the matchy-matchy look (much to my chagrin!) and loves the "collected" rather than "bought" look.  She likes to upcycle items and enjoys shopping in antique and consignment stores.  Her roomie has basically left the room decor up to T.  She and her parents will be traveling quite far and will only be driving one car to Move-In Day so they are limited on space.  She said they will be doing most of their shopping when they get to Oxford and she may have some things shipped to our house and we'll bring them to her.   

This is Not: 

These past couple of months have been an absolute whirlwind and have gone by in a blur . . . a lot of "firsts" and a lot of "lasts."  T went from being a high school senior to a college freshman in what feels like just a few short days.  She'll be 18 soon and 6 weeks from her birthday she'll be at college.  Normally we go to the beach for her birthday but this summer it will be Disney instead. 

So not only do I have to deal w/ T leaving the nest, but come October, I will officially be the proud mom of not just one but TWO teenage girls.  KJ turns 13 in October.  God help me!  She had a friend over the other day and we were chatting about middle school and all that good stuff.  KJ's friend is on the dance team so we started to talk football and how fun it will be to go to the middle school games.  The friend, very matter of factly, said, "Well, I don't know how fun it will be.  I don't think our team is going to be very good this year.  The boys are all really small."  I don't know any boys on the football team so I don't know how big or small they are but I thought it was pretty funny that these two 12-year old girls were critiquing the squad like a couple of middle-aged men getting ready for their fantasy football draft!

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