Thursday, February 7, 2013

1st "It's OK" of 2013

Its Ok Thursdays
...It's OK that I've fallen alseep on the couch twice this week while watching TV
...It's OK to be obsessed with "America Unearthed" on H2.
...It's OK that I watched "Duck Dynasty" for the first time ever this past weekend
...It's OK that I watched "Full House" with KJ this week and thought Uncle Jesse was totally rocking those acid wash jeans
...It's OK that all my "It's OK Thursday" items are about TV


Martha said...

Duck Dynasty is my favorite (and only) reality show I watch! I LOVE me some Si!

Dabbling in Dixie said...

Duck Dynasty... I'm so jealous! god I miss cable!!!

In other news, Atlanta has Pie in the Sky pizza... your pizza dreams will be met!

I'm also almost blind (I have back up glasses on my nightstand in case I drop my glasses) and love margs :)

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