Saturday, February 16, 2013

No Kids Allowed

Whoop!  Whoop!
Totally enjoying our "kid-free" weekend so far!

KJ is having a blast in DC!  She's been sending us photos and it doesn't appear to be too terribly cold.  She's not wearing a jacket or snow boots in any of the photos.  They were at the Ford Theater earlier today as well as the National Cathedral. 

T is having a bit of a rough day in Nashville.  They are played Vandy earlier today (and lost) and are about to play Clemson.  It's cold, the team isn't playing well and she's not a happy camper.  I think the girls are having a hard time bonding since their goalie passed away in the fall.  I think the older girls have lost their spark and the younger girls are looking to them for leadership.  They'll turn it around. 

Last night we had our annual lacrosse fundraiser and had a GREAT time!  I don't know a lot of these younger kids coming up or their parents but we had a lot of great food, great adult bevvies and some great items were auctioned off!  I bought a basket full of wine and two autographed books (my friend G's brother is an author and has written a book about their father's experience in WWII and his newest book is about William Faulkner).  I've had both of his books on my Nook Wish List and now I actually own signed copies.  I'm very excited to start reading!

Today the sun is shining but I can hear the wind and it's supposed to be very cold out.  Coach (yup!  the lax season has officially started so he's back to being "Coach").  I plan to support Coach and the team but am kind of dragging my feet.  I really don't want to sit on the cold metal bleachers in the wind for two games.  Guess I need to make a to-go cup of hot chocolate, pack a seat cushion and a blankie and just suck it up!

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