Wednesday, February 20, 2013

25 Random Things

Saw this over on this morning and thought I'd join in on the fun!

1. If anyone asks, I automatically say that my favorite color is green.  But I really like them all.  Except yellow.  I don't think anyone looks good in yellow.
2. I eat a brown sugar cinnamon pop-tart every morning at my desk.  Monday through Friday. 
3. I was a cheerleader in high school.
4. I'm not a cake person but I do like cupcakes! They are the perfect proportion.  Not too big.  Not too little. But I don't like a ton of frosting. 
5.  I have a cup of darjeeling tea every morning.
6.  I have a Schwepp's ginger ale every night. 
7.  I have a hard time throwing away old address books or planners.
8.  If money was no object, I'd have a personal chef.  I really, really, really hate to cook.
9.  I truly believe that some people should not wear yoga pants or leggings in public. 
10.  I am addicted to lip gloss. 
11.  I've had the same Brighton key chain for about 15 years. 
12.  I wear a size 5 shoe but they are very, very hard to find so I end up buying a 6 and then using inserts and/or heel cushions to make them fit better.
13.  I have to read a little bit each night before I go to bed to soothe my head.
14.  I don't like pancakes.
15.  I don't like diet soft drinks of any kind.
16.  The change purse in my wallet is filled with coins but none of them are US currency.  I carry around coins from Jamaica (our honeymoon 20 years ago), Pesos from Cabo and Cancun and Euros from my trip with T.  I also have casino chips from Vegas and a merry go round token from the Birmingham Zoo.
17.  I keep the cards from the flowers Coach has sent me over the years in my wallet and take a look at them when I need a pick-me-up.
18.  I have never worn false eyelashes.
19.  I have never broken a bone in my body.  The closest I've ever come is a really bad sprained ankle. 
20.  I've never had anything removed from my body either (other than 2 kids).  I still have my spleen, my kidneys, my gall bladder etc. 
21.  I was lucky enough to know both sets of grandparents and two great-grandmothers. 
22.  I'm pretty prompt.  I'm rarely, if ever, late.
23.  I clean out my handbag once a week.
24.  I've never played a real game of golf.  Mini-golf, yes.
25.  Still don't like bananas or coconuts. 

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