Wednesday, February 13, 2013

KJ Update

Sometimes daughter #2 comes out with some great one-liners.  Some real zingers.  Last night I was on the phone w/ T before she was meeting a friend at the Library to study for their French exam.  KJ overheard me saying "Be careful walking home in the dark."  She yelled loud enough for T to hear:  "Don't forget your rape whistle!" 
Disclaimer:  I am not making light of rape by any means and we truly feel that T is safe on the campus of Ole Miss. 

KJ is heading to Washington DC this weekend with her class.  She's super-duper excited and really needs to start packing.  It's supposed to be very cold (mid to high 30's) and there is a possibility of snow.  Which is fun for the kids but makes packing more difficult.  

DC is one of our favorite cities and, like New York City, it's totally magical covered in snow.  The buildings take on a softer, blanketed look.  DC is a beautifully green city and I love to see the trees covered in a heavy snow. 

The Korean War Memorial is so incredibly realistic in any weather, in the snow the statues comes to life. 

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