Thursday, February 14, 2013

It's OK Thursday (Valentine's Day Edition)

...It's OK that KJ opened her Valentine's Day Gifts last night.  She needed to pack some of them for her DC trip. 
...It's OK that I received a Justin Beiber Valentine's Day card from a co-worker.  It has a cool "I Heart Justin" tattoo! 
...It's OK that I forgot to mail my niece and nephew's cards (I'm lying.  It's really not OK).
...It's OK that Cosmo's and KJ's cards are sitting on the counter.  Not filled out yet. 
...It's OK that I obviously have become really bad and giving cards.  I buy them, just forget to mail them or give them. 
...It's OK I had to text T and ask her what the heck was a Harlem Shake. 
...It's OK that I bought the Alabama Shakes CD and the Florence + the Machine CD.  More than OK.  Both are great albums!
...It's OK to still use the word "album" isn't it???
...It's OK that I am now officially hooked on Duck Dynasty.
...It's OK that I've lived in the South for 14 years and am slooooowwwwllllly beginning to accept some things Southern -- I find myself using the phrase "Bless her Heart" more and more, I like Duck Dynasty, the show "Nashville" (and the soundtrack!) and the other night I had a dream that Blake Shelton (no Miranda in sight) was sitting across the table from me at a friends wedding. 
...It's OK that I will never like Sweet Tea.  I just can't.  When I drink it, I can just feel my teeth rotting out of my head. 

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