Friday, March 8, 2013

Happy Happy Happy

I mean seriously!  What's not to be happy about today?  It's Friday, the sun is shining, I'm wearing some super cute arm candy,  had the sunroof open and the tunes cranking on my way into the office this morning, my girl is coming home for the weekend and oh!  Did I mention it's Friday??!!

KJ is feeling better and headed back to school today.  She's been on the antibiotics and ear drops for two days now.  She went to volleyball last night even though her coach told her to stay home and rest for this weekend's tournament.  KJ really loves this team and I was very surprised yet pleased when she said she wanted to go to practice even though I knew she was feeling puny.  We love, love, love her coaches this year.  Coach B is super sweet yet firm with the girls and uses every opportunity to coach.  She's very positive and encourages the girls to do their very best and to support each other. 

Coach had a rough night last night.  They pulled out a win but played horrible the entire first half.  He calls this game the annual meet-up of the Catholics vs. the Convicts.  I think the Catholics were a little annoyed that they didn't end of with MAR in a green uniform and came out a little more aggressive than anticipated.  A decision was finally handed down late Wednesday evening after Coach, MAR and his parents presented their arguments regarding the situation.  What tipped the scales in Hoover's favor was the revelation that there were several players on other teams that were playing outside of their zones.  So, #MarkAllenHasBeenSaved

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