Monday, March 11, 2013

Monday Miscellaneous

  • Today at work a friend asked how my weekend was and said that I looked "well rested."  Thank you.  I think.  Now I'm worried about tomorrow. 
  • Folks, I have a lot of hair.  A lot.  It's not particularly long but it is very thick and very heavy and there's a lot of it.  Cosmo says my hair follicles are so close together you can hardly see scalp.  And it takes FOREVER to dry.  So that's why I very rarely dry it and usually just pull it back or up.  So today, despite losing an hour of sleep but still managing to somehow look "well rested" I had plenty of time to do my hair.  At least 10 people asked me if I had gotten it cut (including my own child) and / or if I got it colored.  No.  There's just a lot of hair going on and it looks really different when it's "done."
  • So JLoveHewitt thinks her boobs are worth $5mil.  OK Jenn.  I see your boobs and raise you.  Seriously.  Mine are bigger and mine are 100% real (not implying that hers are not; just saying mine are not store bought).  I just never understood the whole "insuring a body part" (yes, I'm talking to you Jenny-From-The-Block, Mary Hart, Heidi Klum).  An pitcher insuring his arm or shoulder, OK.  A concert pianist insuring his hands, you bet.  But a boob?  I mean, how many women lose a boob (other than to breast cancer).  You really don't hear of too many women being in a horrible accident and having to have a boob amputated.  Or, in JLo's case, an ass amputated. 

1 comment:

brittany johnson said...

They are definitely not worth 5 million however I a huge fan of her boobs pretty sure a 36 c sounds pretty great for whenever I get a boob job lol

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