Thursday, July 23, 2009

Blah. It's Thursday

Thursday is always such a cruddy day of the week. Not yet Friday, Wednesday is "hump" day. Thursday just doesn't really seem to have a good image. This Thursday the weather looks a little "iffy" -- not sure if it's going to rain or if the sun is trying to come out. We had some really awesome rain yesterday. We needed it.

T left on Tuesday for a lax camp @ Duke in NC. She drove up w/ 4 other girls from her BamaLax team. They spent Tuesday night at a cabin in NC (one of the Vestavia girls grandparent's own the cabin) and drove to Duke early Wednesday morning. They checked into the dorms and had to be on the field ready to go by 3 PM. T said they had a bit of a rain delay (they must have gotten the same storm we did) and then they had a scrimmage. She scored 3 goals. I am so FLIPPIN' proud of her! We spoke last night for a long time and she said her roomie is also a 10th grader from Colorado Springs and is awesome! She said they hit it off right away. Today they had to be in the lobby of the dorm for breakfast by 6:45 AM (which is really 5:45 aM Bama time).

Christopher is in Baltimore today. I hope he has a good day. He had to get up so early this morning for his flight but will be home fairly early tonight. It's been a rough couple of weeks and I was kind of hoping he'd go to Asheville this weekend w/ the men's team, have a couple of beers, play a couple of games and unwind a bit. I guess they couldn't get enough guys to go to the Bele Chere tournament this year so the Magic City team will not be participating (which is a shame; I think they've been going to this tournament for years!).

No major plans this weekend. I'd really, really like to strip the wallpaper in KJ's bathroom and get that project going but I don't think it's gonna happen. Her bathroom is the last room in the entire house that needs to be "done."

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